Artqol Magazine

February Issue no 8

Living things are forever unburnable, processed recycled black leather mount on fond broken branch 29x5x6.5×4.7cm,2019

Artqol Magazine

Winter Issue no 3 p 4-7

Silver Pharm, Zemack Gallery TLV, 2015

Art Maze Mag : Summer Issue 3

RonenRaz - Art Maze Mag

Art Maze Mag_Summer Issue_3

Cart No.5 : Heart of Silver, Processed leather, mounted on eyelash scissors and plastic containers , 35x30x23 cm, 2015

2016    1st Prize at The 31st Tallahassee International, MoFA Museum, Tallahassee, FL, USA

(September 2-October 2, 2016)

Cart No.13 : Intense Day Care
Cart No.13 : Intense Day Care, Leather Mounted on a shelf, 50x29x13.5 cm, 2015

January 2016 Working Artist Award Recipient: Ronen Raz

Heart of Silver, Leather, mounted on plastic containers and eyelashes curler 35x30x23 cm, 2015