David's Toyota Delight, Pig's hair on leather, mix media, diameter42x7cm, 2009

David’s Toyota Delight, Pig’s hair on leather, mix media, diameter42x7cm, 2009

Body and structure fascinate me. During the years when I designed clothes, I realized that “engineering the body’s cloak” does not provide a response to the intimacy and material organic feel that I was looking for. I have forever been fascinated with taxidermy; I stuffed animals and collected bugs. Years later I could define this is an “animate-inanimate” enterprise with an added “look alike” effect. My works are comprised of life size leather reproductions of trivial objects. The pieces are painstakingly cut and sewn based on a model, and rest upon traditional work disciplines related to the creation of “haute couture.” Trivial, everyday consumer products (car parts, road parts, supermarket carts, flush pipes and more) undergo surgical and chemical manipulations, come to life with biological tissue and evoke an organic, drained, exhausted, melted and primarily human entity.